About Us

What is BratFit?

BratFit is fitness for kids.

The BratFit program promotes fundamental functional movement. Our coaches strive to build confidence, camaraderie, good sportsmanship, teamwork, along with a healthy dose of competition while instilling a sense of independence and leadership via mind enhancing games that aid the overall development for a child. Studies have shown that children enjoy games while at the same time they build physical, intellectual, psychological and social resources. The physical activity leads to long term improvements in health, the game-playing strategies develop problem- solving skills, and the camaraderie that strengthens social bonds. First and foremost we want our Little Brats to master proper techniques and build strength, all while learning to enjoy fitness.


Our Mission

Studies reveal that with the rise of smartphones and increased screen time, kids these days suffer from obesity starting as early as 6 years!

BratFit powered by CrossFit Chakra was born with the mission of changing this by making fitness a lifestyle from a young age of 3 years.


Our Story

When Pawan started functional fitness camps, his vision was to have fitness for all ages. With CrossFit Chakra, he’s managed to make fitness a lifestyle for adults.

Aanchal has been a CrossFitter since 2014 and has experienced postural issues and other problems due to inadequate nutrition during childhood and realised that this needs to be tackled for the future generations. And so BratFit was born when the two of them came together to make fitness a lifestyle for kids!

The program is designed and led by the Co-founders Aanchal Aggarwal and Pawan Jani and a squad trained by them who love fitness and kids!


Class Structure

Every class begins with a Warm Up Game, followed by Stretches, next is a review of the daily Skill, followed by the Workout Of the Day in the form of an interactive game for the little ones, and our Brats finish with a Post Workout Game and stretches. Each class lasts 45-60 minutes, with ages ranging from 3-5 years and 6-14 years. We also have an outdoor sport session and scavenger workout hunt along with other interactive sessions involving the parents.


Additional Activities

- In-school Training
- After School Training
- Birthday Parties
- Fitness Camps/Events