“My Kids Atish and Ipshita have been participating in BratFit from the start of the program. They both look forward to attending every session. As a parent I see immense value in the time they spend there. It not only helps get them started on a healthy lifestyle but also helps them negate some of the ill-effects of all the junk food they eat. I am extremely delighted by this program and look forward to it scaling up and becoming successful in its goals.”

Arun Albert (Parent)

“BratFit is a unique program that stimulates the mind and body for children from a young age. Something that is very much needed in today’s digital age. A must for every child’s fitness. The trainer team is highly motivating for the kids and very professional!”

Doris Stollberger

“Childhood is an ideal window of opportunity to influence proper motor and movement skills. Encouraging children to become involved in an exercise program can be a way of getting kids active and master movements skills during their growing years. BratFit is a fun activity with plenty of variety for kids!!”

Rupa Mulik (Parent)

“I love spending time at BratFit and learning new things and making new friends. I was especially delighted when I did my first rope climb, though it scrapped my skin. I also look forward to the football sessions.”

Atish Arun (Brat)

“What Bratfit focuses on, is Functional skills. While most kids including my 10-year old, are into a variety of sports, they tend to miss learning the "right" techniques in running, climbing, landing, squatting, etc. These skills will go a long away as they build a fitter self. Am seeing my son getting better in precision and agility since BratFit. And as I write this he chips in to say "Mom, cut the theory, just say BratFit is a fun place with wonderful coaches and a great 'box'! That's it!"
Thanks Aanchal, Pawan and CF team for this great initiative!”

Suprabha S. (Parent)

“BratFit makes our kids get stronger and fitter without them seeing it as working out, it’s just fun! They look forward to every session! Motivation also comes from realising how much progress they have made learning new skills and things their body can do if they just dare to try and not give up.”

Josefin Frisk (Parent)